Motorcycle Club Cafe


Welcome to my first-ever, much-about website.  We do a lot of stuff in life, but how much gets documented.  We are pretty lucky in these times when we can leave so much of ourselves out there for all to read or see, but also for generations to come to know more about their ancestors with the click of a mouse.  Will you be interested in anything I have to say on this website?  Not sure.  I guess that’s up to you.. whomever wants to look at my stuff.  That’s really what it’s like… Consider the website my garage. I’m going to open the door and let anyone who comes by just look at my stuff.  Pick through it.  Nothing’s for sale.  You can’t take anything with you.  But you can hang around for awhile.  You can even tell me what you think of my stuff.  Could I make my stuff better?  Should I add to my stuff?

I love motorcycles, beer and photography.  I am no expert in any of those things.  I’ve ridden motorcycles since I was a 10 year old kid.  I still ride, though with a family much of my riding is just to work and home.  But I get out on some weekends.

Beer … oh beer.  Good beer, only.  No multinational crap.  I’m into craft beer.  Ontario — I know ‘em all.  But there are others who know much more than me.  I’ve spent some time in BC where the craft beer market is so far advanced.  I have tasted some of the best beers in the world out there.  I’ve had a share of them from down east as well.

I’m new to photography.  Got tired of recording my family’s life on an iphone.  So, I got a Sony a6000 with a couple of lenses and I’m having a great time capturing moments with supreme quality.  I think I have a pretty good eye.  So that’s my website in a nutshell.  I look forward to building it.